SWM TL350 Jumbo: Getting another SWM

I decided it was time to get another SWM, as my TL320 had turned out to be such as a good bike. Always thought that Jumbo’s looked nice (in Bernie Schreiber’s book), so time to get one.

I’d mentioned to Martin Matthews (of motoswm.com) that I was thinking of getting another SWM as my TL320 was going well and I needed another project for the shed.

He put me in touch with Terry in Scotland and after a few emailed photo’s and a couple of conversations on the phone, I did the 11 hour round trip to go and pick the bike up. Its always the way that the bike in the flesh never looks quite as good as the photos. [[This may explain why some bikes on ebay (say Honda TLR200’s) go for silly money.]]
Scottish Jumbo
There didn’t seem to be too much missing from bike, though the rear and front mudguards were knackered and the decompression level/cable was missing. There was no spark from the ignition so its unlikely that would have been run recently.
Anyway, after travelling 340 miles, it was always on the cards that I’d buy the bike, so it went into the back of the van and I headed back down the M74…..

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