Honda TL125: Assessment

The Honda TL125 hadn’t been used at a trial for a few months, so it was good to see Lee (eventually) finished the Wye Valley classic trial at Bowley Court at the end of October 2006.
The bike did break down twice:
– a connector on the electrics came apart, outside of a section and whilst I dashed back to the van for a plug spanner, Lee found the loose connection. Replacement and improvement of the basic wiring desirable.
– the split-link on the chain failed: luckily Mark (with the KT250) had the right split link with him. Need to get a replacement chain or sort out the tensioner and some spare split links.

Also, on the list of things to look at:
– front forks: the TL125 forks are woefully weak and despite putting spacers into the tubes, they bottom out on a regular basis on most sections with steps or steep downhill
– re-wiring of the electrics
– rear sprocket; have a replacement but also need to change a couple of the mounting bolts
– chain tensioner needs an overhaul

The bike has already had some significant mods and the engine overhauled following it generating lots of smoke at a trial in January 2006. The main mods are:
– changed to the carb to one half of a set of CB360 carbs; far better throttle response. Use a clip on filter rather than the original airbox
– Miller 150 cc kit was on the bike when I acquired it [[The conversion kit that results in a wafer thin liner, that you can flex with your fingers.]]
– Domino throtte and levers on a new Renthal bar
– new rear shocks from NJB. There a couple of plates welded to the swinging-arm to that normal (13.4″) shocks can be used rather than the original (longer) shocks

Anyway, given time on other projects, will work on the TL125 in order to improve it further, but always limited by what was a pretty ordinary bike in its day. They were cheap then and you can tell.

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