SWM TL350 Jumbo: Getting the engine started

After spending most the proceeding 3-4 days in the shed cleaning the carb out, and then using the airline round at a friends garage to clean it again, thought it was time to see if the engine started.

Connected the tank from the TL320 (the tap on the Jumbo was still full as slime), but the carb flooded. When cleaning it earlier, Pete and I had noticed that the float valve was damaged and the rubber cap might not seat properly; it didn’t. Swapped the float needle from a spare 26 Del’Orto carb that I’d got for the TL320 a few weeks ago and put it back in place (will need to replace that if possible)

Applied the choke, pulled in the decompression lever and she started first kick., a bit noisy as I was in the process of spraying the exhaust boxes at the time.

Clip of the second attempt….

Getting the engine runnng is good, but not sure what the timing etc are like, so still plenty to do before I have a complete running bike. But after lots of set backs (and splitting of crankcases) its good to make some real progress.

Engine in Frame

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