SWM TL350 Jumbo: Bars, Cables and Controls

All the cables were on the bike, some in better condition that others, but the bars and levers were in a basically knackered condition. The original bars were a little scruffy, so used a spare set of Renthal’s that I had.

The main cables/levers/controls on the bike are:
– clutch: with the cable in two parts, with the patent lever system that SWM developed for the Jumbo to lighten the clutch.
– front brake cable: directly attached the the front brake drum.
– throttle: setup for an existing metal domino side-pull throttle.
– decompressor: originally didn’t know the bike had a decompressor as it was completely missing, though later found the cable.

The clutch cable is in two parts, with a lever arrangement mounted on top of the cylinder head, to lighten the clutch pull. It does seems that this is no better than and possibly not as good as the clutch on my TL320, though mine does seem to be very good. The search for Aprila clutch covers seems to indicate that these usually provide a lighter clutch for TL320’s (and possibly more robust cases). Both cables seemed rust free and servicable, so decided to reuse them

Clutch lever

I did buy a new set of Domino levers, which are very durable and usually bend,rather than brake. I’ve fitted them to the Honda TL125 and they’ve been good.

Front Brake
Again the cable in not too bad condition, but had a spare new cable from the TL320 that I used, again connected to one of the new Domino lever.The main problem was the mounting on the front brake arm. This was over-tightened before and attempting to undo it resulted in it shearing. I’ve initially repared it with Chemical Metal, but I’ll need to fashion a replacement.

The existing throttle needed the attention of the impact driver to remove the cable, so decided to use a new slow-action plastic Domino throttle. The cable was also damaged inside the assembly, so threaded a new insert and soldered on a new end. Nice smooth action, with the slider spring giving a nice snap.

The decompressor lever was missing from the old bars, so got a replacement from Martin Matthews. The cable was located taped to the bike, so again managed to re-use that, though the new lever meant I couldn’t fit the cable adjuster in the same way so this will need to be improved prior to using the bike in action.

I had a set of Rentals that I’d taken off the 2003 Beta before I sold it. The possibly original bars are very tatty so decided to replace them. The only problem here was that the handlebar clamps are quite low to the top steering head lock nut. So much so that they are fouling and stopping the bars sitting properly in the clamps. I made a modified top nut, with a lower profile to allow the bars to sit correctly.

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