SWM TL350 Jumbo: Wheels and Brakes

The wheels on the bike were a little scruffy, as where the hubs. The brake pads themselves useless, so should a case of just cleaning them up.

The wheels on the bike have stainless Akront rims, with steel spokes. The spokes all seem tight and didn’t really need much in the way of work, though they are a little rusty in places. Swapping them for some stainless ones at somepoint in the future may be desirable. The rims, the front especially, were well marked, so looked to clean them up and get out the Autosol for an hour or so of cleaning to see how they came up.

I ordered new break pads from MotoSWM and cleaned out the hubs. Removed the glaze using some wire wool and just general tidied up the wheels. I also replaced the front and rear wheel bearings and as the front in particular seemed a bit worn. The bearings are standard sizes, but got those from Martin Matthews.

I also replaced the front and rear tyre clamps, as the original one in the rear (the front didn’t have one) had little rubber on it. They are WM-2 1.85 sized clamps and I got them from LG Racing in Pontrilas, who are a local Motorcross / Enduro supplier who travel out to lots of events and run a mail order business.

I also got the tyres from LG Racing and went for a Pirelli MT-42 front and a Michelin Trials Competition rear. This is a cheap combination (£30 and £49 each) and I like the Pirelli fronts. They are a stiffer tyre and having used them on the Honda in the past know that the rears are not as good as some modern tyres. Michelin X11 Trials Comp’s or IRC’s are probably better on the rear, but are an extra £20 and may not make a real difference except in the long run.

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