The 3rd SWM

A couple of weeks ago I went to look at a 1982 SWM TL320 in Wiltshire that Martin Matthews had put me on to. It was original going to be something for a friend, but after a couple of weeks deliberation I decided that I’d get the bike. Its a couple of years later than my other 280cc and the work of restoring it had already been started by the current owner.

Its a 1982 TL320 which has the Pernod blue frame, to reflect the factory sponsors at that time. Its got the Rotax 280cc disk valve two-stroke motor that these bikes had been using since 1978.

I guess my reasons for buying the bike were:
– its a complete, nice example
– that some of the restoration work had already been done
– that though the Jumbo’s not finished, it would be soon
– that I would like to overhaul my existing TL320 in the first few months of 2007

Anyway drove down to pick the bike up, most of which was in boxes and crates. The good things about the bike are that the frame has been powder coated and the wheels rebuilt. The blue of the frame isn’t as good as the Jumbo frame that Redditch Shotblasting did, as its slightly too light and non-metallic. The wheels have been done by Central Wheels and have new rims and spokes and the hubs have been powder coated.

On the Shelf

The front forks and yorks have been overhauled by an Ohlins repair specialist and do seem to be in excellent condition and work well. The engine was checked out by Martin Matthews a couple of years ago and shouldn’t need a strip down.

There is also a spare frame, in the original paint, the has a couple of dings in it. The plastics are all ok, including the tank, which is in better condition that the other one I have. The seat is a solid rubber item, which had changed from the cover padded seats on the earlier bikes.

No rush to start work on the bike, as there is a Jumbo restoration to finish off first, but hopefully it will not be as much work (or expense).

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