Herefordshire Classic Trials Club: Trial 31 Dec 2006

It had rained for 4 days before the trial, but the woods at Clyro were ok for the trial. Conditions were nothing if not challenging.

With the modified TL rear suspension ready for a test and the SWM prep’d for Lee to ride, I signed on both of us for the Alternative Route and we made our way down to Section 8, at the bottom of the big gully. The rain had moved things around quite a bit and the waterfall/step at the top of the section seemed larger than normal. No surprise then that I couldn’t get the TL over it on the first attempt, a five. Section 9 had the awkward corner and step, but got round for a one. Section 10 was the normal climb out to the right, which was a lot more greasy than normal, so after watching the two riders in front both fail on the climb, I took the safer option and got out easily after a solid couple of dabs.

However, halfway up the climb the SWM decided to expire on Lee and after getting 3 other guys to help us pull it out a quick exploration showed that there was no spark. Change of plug and still no spark, and the lead to the ignition coil was loose, so possibly the condenser had blown [1]. That was the end of the trial for Lee after only 3 sections.

Moved on down to Section 1, again one that had been used before, but the alternative route didn’t drop all the way into the first part of the streamway. However, took a five here also trying to get up a routed step. Then noticed that the fuel pipe had a nick in it and was leaking. Section 2 was up through a tight gully with an awkward exit, and the best I managed on this on four laps was a 3. Section 3 was a hillclimb, which was also a little muddy, but the Honda on full-bore made it fairly easily. I then changed the fuel pipe over with the petrol tank breather and then dropped a couple of dabs through the tight and twisty section 4. Section 5 and 6 were again up through another gully and then 7 a slippery hill climb.

The TL decided to pack up prior to Section 7 on the first lap, refusing to run without the choke. A not-so-quick run back up to the car park to get the tools and then changed the plug and re-cut the fuel line. A couple of kicks and the mighty roar returned and despite getting off the right line in S7 managed to clean it.

With the all delays, a brisk pace and agressive action was required. Hauling the mighty beast up through Section 8, the best of the day, got a 3,0,2 for the other three laps. Only one more 5, on Section 1 when the front wheel slipped out on a log in a mudhole, but also managed to clean this on lap 3.

Comin into Section 5 on the last lap and the chain decided to come off the rear sprocket and thus the bike did try to eject me over the front handlebars. Put the bike in neutral and put the chain back on, but it looked like the side-stand was interferring with the chain. This will need modification. Also, the mounting for the fuel tank must have got bent at somepoint and one had dropped out during the trial.

All in all, didn’t ride that well, but its enjoyable when you can get the TL through some tricky sections. Finished all 4 laps, at the back of the field. Waiting for the results, but an excellent trial and a really good venue.

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