The Completed Bike

…well its just about complete and its “ready to trial”. Thought I’d add some pictures to show the finished article.

Been running the bike for a week and I’ve been able to get it road registered as well. The engine has been settling down and sounds a bit smoother. Also managed to put a stud into the striped thread for the exhaust manifold, so have got that tightened up.

SWM Jumbo 350TL

Did briefly consider taking the bike down to Robinson’s Quarry for the AL King trial series run by East South Wales Centre to give it its first trials outing, but had visitors etc, so it can wait a week or so [1]. Currently content to give it a run round the field and local roads (though do need to getting a number plate made up for it\). There is a bit of smoke, but all the gears are there and it pulls well. There also seems to be a slight ‘lurch’ with a noise when pulling away quickly under load and there is a noise from the rear wheel, but have a set of bearings to put in if needs be.

SWM Jumbo 350TL

When recovering the seat, noticed that the base was broken, so hence the swoop up on the front of the seat, something that could be a bit nasty.

I need to work on the specification sheets for the Jumbo and add in some of the facts and figures I’ve picked up during the project. The site / blog has been getting some visits and hopefully will be a useful resouce for people working on SWMs and other trials bikes.

SWM Jumbo 350TL

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