The Jumbo runs…

Starting at the end of August, its taken 4 months to get the Jumbo up and running. A spin round a rather wet and muddy garden and things sounded good.

After getting the new piston installed and the initial start up some further fettling was done prior to giving the bike a longer run:
– added the 50mm springs that were originally in the front forks; they aren’t stiff enough without them. The cap on the damaged fork doesn’t has much thread holding it in place so will need some further work, but being 35mm rather than 38mm forks means I can change them with the TL280 forks I already have.
– changed the rear shocks to a longer set (14″ instead on 13.4″), with a 50 rather than a 40lb spring rate. Need to look at getting the right shock set up now the bike is running.
– put in the lever adjuster for the clutch cable in place; the adjuster on the second cable seems to be threaded
– one of the threads for the exhaust manifold bolts is knackered, so will need some remedial engineering
– swapped the kickstart level over; the replacement I’d had from Martin Matthews seems to pretty badly worn, so have used the one from the recently acquired TL280.

Jumbo running...

After getting the bike running and the carb cleaned out the previous day, it was good that the bike fired up with the choke on the third kick. The engine seems to take a little while to warm up, but does sound ok and pull well after a couple of minutes.

The ignition timing is currently set to the middle of the adjustment, though I’ll look at advancing and retarding it later to see what will give the best trials performance.

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