Another SWM….number 4

A different SWM has been added to the shed, and this time its in a running state…well sort of.

I’d already said to Martin Matthews that I’d like an early red and white SWM, that is from 1978 or 1979. Ok, the engine is the same as the other 280TL’s, but the bike looks much more like one from the 1970’s before everything went a bit plastic in the 80’s.

Then got the email and after offloading 3 Honda’s ( in various states of decay) and a TY175 in a baker’s crate, I reckoned I could balance the books with the domestic accountant (er goddess).

SWM 320TL Guanaco 1978

Went down to view the bike, gave it a quick spin round the drive and the deal was done. The clutch may need some attention soon (rather interesting adjustment , as I took off towards the van ??) but generally in good solid condition. Engine sounded extremely good and the original 1970’s tyres we still serviceable.

Anyway, got it home and put it the shed, ready for the initial look see and ride the garden on the morrow. Ah. Firstly, as indicated during the purchase, the kickstart exploded on the second kick. The circlip holding the kickstart arm to the shaft of the lower knuckle had decided that was enough for now and disintegrated. Martin had mentioned a modification involving tapping a 6mm thread into the shaft on the knuckle, so will look at this at the earliest opportunity.

Then, after getting the kickstart off the other bike, put some petrol in the bike and tried to start it. The cloudy mass moving up the clear plastic fuel pipe didn’t bode well, and she didn’t want to run after 5-10 seconds on choke. Ah well, at least the bike looks good standing still. Some ingestion of petrol later in the week and a good clean of the carb should sort that out.

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