The bling machine !

The 1982 320TL was passed on to my neighbour a couple of months ago and after some serious work by Gavin, its now in a ready-to-trial state.

So thought I would grab a couple of pictures prior to the Abergavenny Club Trial. The bike has been out on a couple of test runs, including a Merthyr trial but it’s been smoking a bit and there is a bit of top end knock. It failed to start prior to the Wye Valley trial, which turned out to be a knackered plug.

Gavin's 1982 SWM 320TL

Even though it was running, it was smoking and removing the top end showed that there was crankcase oil in the bottom of the cylinder, so this indicated a crankshaft seal change was needed. Also, the crank was out of line and not pressed together correctly so after checking it with a dial gauge on the lathe it was knocked back into shape.

Its looking good !

The frame had already been powder coated, in the matt blue of 82, rather than the metallic paint of the 83 Jumbo’s and 320’s. Gavin painted the engine using stove paint which has given a far more permanent finish than the PJ1 engine stain black I used on the Jumbo. He’s also fitted a Renthal bar with Domino controls and acquired some very shiny Rockshocks.

The bike still has a bit of a knock, which could be as a result of the lower cylinder head that came with the bike. A quick ride round the garden shows that the bike is more “snappy” than my 320 and also the Jumbo and feels small and very quick to turn at the front end. Its not a later Jumbo frame, but the steering head angle is steep so it feels like a later trials bike.

Will do a report of performance of the bike (and the Jumbo) and the Abergavenny club trial later today.

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