Forest Trophy Trial

An excellent 40 section, single lap trial, held in weather that was as bad as it gets in May (though not as bad as the Abergavenny trial)

Llanfyllin and District MCC held the Forest Trophy trial on the mountain high about Foel. Its a single lap 40 section trial, split into three groups of 14,16 and finally 10 sections. I rode the easy (white) route which is ideal for the sportsman/clubman twinshock or pre-65 rider, but there were plenty riding the harder route.

It rained, a lot, all day and was a massive 6 C when I arrived (impressive for the end of May) so Paul, Kevin and I got some gloves off the Rockshock’s guy. Wet and cold all day and with some long runs on the forestry tracks leaving you shivering and needed a run round a section to warm up. I rode the Jumbo , which ran without missing a beat all day. The only problem (and its a continuing problem) is that it did seem a little hesistant when openning the throttle, making it difficult to get (in

Starting riding with Harold Fenn and the two Liam’s (Fenn and Owens) to give him hand minding if needed. Liam O rode the standard (yellow) route, whilst Liam F rode the White route.
Liam Fenn
The first group of 14 were up though a streams and following a silly dab coming out of section 8, manage to drop 3 others. There were a couple of sections back by the start, with an interesting slab on section 13 for the yellow route, and then a change of cards.Though a bit of a challenge for me, the Yellow (standard) route was the route to ride on the day, with some excellent rocks and streams in most sections. Good fun.

Liam Owens: Section 5

The next group of 16 started with a number of sections in old quarries, the second of which saw me pick up a 5 for missing a marker (score doubled) and this then put me off my stride a bit. A long run down to the main group of sections, which were again set in a stream. The white route avoided the more serious stream sections, but dropped a couple stupid dabs. The bottom group of subs saw me drop another 5, for a stupid mistake when my hand came off the bars and a few more daps. 18 in total for second card was not good, as it should have been 5-8 total.

SWM resting

For the final group, after changing cards, caught up Kevin (on his RL325 Beamish Suzuki) and Paul (on his Godden-framed Yamaha) and headed off in the cold and wet for a long run to the next sub. Couple of sections in the quarries next to the road, with a stupid ‘2’ in the second sub. A twisty sub was followed a nice stream double-subber, ideally designed for twinshocks

Kevin Pettit, Section 33

The final group of 4 sections were again in a rocky quarry and provided a good finish in the continuing rain, with some tight turns on banks and lots of rocks. Then the long run back to the start, with Paul’s Yam playing up (dodgy HT lead) and in the end needing a tow for last 1/2 mile back to the start.

Pretty cold, very wet at the end, but an excellent venue for a superbly run trial. Many thanks for Llanfyllin club, very wet and cold observers and organisers. Looking at the scores on the main board as I left, the organisers got the balance absolutely right on the day, with some low scores balancing the woeful weather.

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