The Gori Details

A quick review of what I think is a 1981-2 Gori

Ebay is you friend, well sometimes. Just for a change the bike turned out to better than than the listing (well before the engine strip). The bike was complete and the unique paintwork wasn’t too bad. Its a Gori as there is some green paint underneath the tank


The bad bits:
– I don’t know if it runs (yet)
– can’t select all of the gears, but know what that feels like after an engine build.
– the kickstart shaft spline is knackered, no change there then. There is a new kickstart bottom knuckle, which is a plus
– paint job, a little non-original

The good bits:
– its complete (good for spares or repairs)
– its been kept in the dry and been maintained, so overall the

Just need to work out what I’m going to do with it, but I think a restoration is the best option. Getting it back to its geniune Gori status (in terms of colour etc) would be good, but maybe easier to make it a red-yellow or yellow SWM



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