Arthur Bates Trial : Bikes (10 June 2007)

Part 1 of the review of the Arthur Bates trial, with a quick look at the twinshock bikes, which now form the bulk of the entries at Sammy Miller rounds this year. A review of the trial can be found here.

Once again for this years Sammy Miller series, the Twinshock and British Specials was the largest class entered, with 22 riding the standard route. With 5 rigids and only 4 pre-unit entries, it poses an interesting conundrum for the ACU and what to do the Sammy Miller series.

There is no doubt, that many see the Sammy Miller series as a way of competing in classic road based trials on their twinshocks, without the section severity of the ACU classic series. If Neil Gaunt goes clean, I drop around 20-30, so if he and Dave Thorpe drop over 60 on an ACU Classic round, its no point really turning up and expecting rider and bike to complete the trial.

At the start at Smithfields in Rhayader, there were plenty of examples of twinshock bikes arounf to admire. Entered on the day were 8 Honda’s (mainly TLR250’s), 7 Fantics (200, 240’s and 300’s), 4 Yamaha’s (1 Whitehawk, 2 Majesty’s and a Mini Majesty), 3 SWM’s (2 Jumbo’s and an ’82 280), 2 Ossa’s (a MAR and a Gripper), 2 Suzuki’s (both Beamish’s), with one Bultaco and the Kawazaki KT250.

That the Fantic entry nearly matched the Honda horde was surprising, as was the fact that for the second time this year, there were two SWM Jumbo’s running round.

Ok, given my personal level of riding skill (low-moderate) its absolutely great to have this trials open to me riding an affordable (well according to me rather the wife) bike. That you can ride a twinshock on a Sammy Miller round thats cost you around £500 and you’ll need to spend £150-200 a year to run in the 8 round series seems like cheap motor sport to me. For around £15 quid you get a days motorsport, a great day out with your mates and if you come last (you won’t, thats my usual position) then who really cares. I don’t.

There is also a short article reviewing the trial.

Alta Suzuki


More Fantic's....

Honda TLR250's

SWM's : Team Yellow (Hereford Section)

Another Jumbo....

Yamaha Majesty

Ossa Gripper

Honda RTL twinshock

Tredegar Twinshocks..

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