Wye Valley AC: 3rd round Classic Trials Series

It rained and was muddy the last time at Bowley Court; that was March and this was June, but there was no difference to the going.

Clerk of the Course Andy Pitt had laid out 3 routes, with an additional easy (yellow) route for beginners. Despite early section navigation issues it seemed to work well and it allowed for the inclusion of the usual Bowley Court favourites, including 3 sections by the waterfall to be included.

Section 2: Dale

Heavy rain meant that the second section, in a muddy stream had the usual greasy exit which required an exact line and getting the power on the right place to exit. As per usual as manage to get that wrong once. need some hefty leg work to extricate myself and the Jumbo. Section’s 3 and 4 were observed by Dan Saunder’s and the second sub contained one of the trickier corners of the day; across a muddy slot with a tight turn after a log. Back across the water then up an increasingly slippery climb.

Section 3: Kevin

A great section, double sub with rocky and muddy climbs, probably the best in the woods at Bowley.
Section 4: The muddy corner
Section 4: exiting the corner

Sections 5 and 6 were by the waterfall, the second of which included a tricky rocky turn before exiting out. Managed to clean it twice, but dropped a very slack 5 on the last lap. Section 7 steadily declined in rideability on the middle route as the trial progessed as the banks got more slippy. On the harder route, plenty of early “5”‘s made way to a few cleans as new lines developed.

Section 5: Beneath the Waterfall

Section 9 should have been straightforward, but I seemed to take a while (and using 1st gear) to clean it. Sections 9 and 10 we good off-camber routes round the trees, which again caught me (and others) out.

Of the Tredegar Twinshock riders, Peter Lewis dropped only 3, with Dale once again opting for a modern bike. Kevin was hampered by the previous night, whilst Mark on the Kawasaki put in another good ride.

Despite threatening all day, the rain came only at the end of trial. Shame that in a way there were as many modern bikes and classic bikes (there were a number of other events), but the easy route attracted a lot of new riders. Other images here

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