SWM Guanaco Sidecar: why oh why ?

After some persuasion and a certain tendency heading towards the loonie bin I acquired the sidecar outfit from Martin Matthews . What was I thinking

First job, to get it running. After assembling the Gori to SWM project, for some light relief we thought we get the sidecar up and running. No oil in the crankcase, so we poured some in, only for it to pour on the floor through a knackered clutch cover bolt which had been threaded. Did that up finger tight to stop the leak and then looked at why there was no spark.

I seemed to have been through a lot of condensors in the last 12 months, and used another as we stripped out the stator plate and sorted the wiring. Result a nice strong spark, as we spun the flywheel using an electric drill and Gavin’s handy adaptor.

Just after completing its run down the road

Like most used SWMs this has a knackered kickstart shaft. so with Graham in the starting position, tried to bump start it “Cool Running’s” style on the road outside of the house. First attempt just resulted in heavy breathing and swearing as we ended up outside the next house down the road with no luck. One small backfire seemed to indicate timing might be the issue, so back to the lawn for a fettle.

Retarted the timing slightly and changed the plug, which was wet, so carburation not the problem. Back to the start line at the top of the drive; engaged fifth gear and pushed; A couple of metres later and she fired up, though I was soon out of sight as a large cloud of blue smoke billowed up out from the engine.

The bike ran, no major knocks, a bit sluggish but most the energy from the bike was creating smoke. Keeping the bike straight seemed to be bit of a challenge and after crashing through some nettles managed to turn it round, head back up through the smoke in the direction of the house.

Picked up Graham and managed to get the down the road and back in one piece, though it seems that the bike was burning a significant amount of oil, so probably knackered crankcase seals. Managed to get back to the lawn in one piece, stopped the bike and then noticed there was quite a bit of oil on my legs 🙂

All good fun.

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