Beta TR240 Twinshock

Its not an SWM, but its still Italian and too good an opportunity to miss.

The latest acquisition isn’t an SWM I know and maybe I’m getting fed up with holes in clutch covers and that kickstart design. However its still Italian and in this case pretty stylish.

Beta TR240

The main thing you notice is the weight of the bike; its a lot less than the SWM Jumbo and less than the SWM TL320. This is mainly down to what seems a smaller frame and a much smaller power unit.

The engine is a Beta designed and built unit and is much smaller than the Rotax units in the SWM (and other 200-300cc trials bikes of the period). It gives a much smaller bike feel when riding it and also has a steep, sharper steering angle.

Beta Engine

Beta Rear End

Things to do:
– the side panels are a little vunerable, and a couple of trials have scuffed up already, so need to take some urgent action to either remove them for trials (shame), or potentially cover them with clear plastic frame protector (available from all good MotoX dealers)
– clutch action: its stiffer than a TL320 and much stiff than the Jumbo. Shouldn’t really need it for classic trials (I suppose) but looks like its possible to extend the actuator arm
– rear shocks: are Betor gas units, but of the older type without the variable spring rate. Work nicely enough, for my riding anyway, but look at alternatives
– tyres: currently on a Pirelli rear, which is ok, most of the time, but as the most recent trial showed, hasn’t got the grip of a softer compound.

Early impressions are good, but will see how the upcoming trials (including the Classic Experts) go.

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