Wye Valley AC: 4th Round Classic Trials Championship 2007

The final round of the 2007 WVAC classic trials championship was held at Lodge Wood, Dulas, near Pontrilas in South Herefordshire

The regs went out late for the trial, mainly because of the foot and mouth and getting agreement from the landowners to run the trial. The club had run a modern Centre Championship trial at the same venue a couple of weeks earlier and re-used some of the sections though with a classic twist.

The Start

In the end, there were 40 riders, riding the three routes. 10 of them tackled the hardest, standard route. Best ride of the day was Tim Wheeler on his Majesty creation (what exactly is that engine from ?), followed by Nic Draper on his tricked TY250 mono.

Tim Wheeler: a winning ride for a loss of only 2

Lodge Wood offers a variety of ground where you can run classic natural sections. The pick of the day was probably Section 5, with Stu observing and the very long double sub with Dan Saunders doing the honours. The step in section 10 probably was the biggest mark taker on the alternative route.

Section 8: Waterfall

With my dad and Saffron observing the section 6/7 double sub, it’s where I ended dropping most marks, being 5’d twice on it

WVAC 4th Round Results

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