Long term project : SWM 320 TLNW

A ‘longer-than-planned’ SWM project; a bitsa bike which will be a 1982 TNLW when its done.

I sitting somewhere above the Atlantic and thinking a bit about where I’m going and a bit about what I’ve left behind. Specifically what I’ve left in the shed.

The Jumbo rebuild took me around 5 months, with power coating, engine rebuild etc. The SWM -> Gori project took me around 3 months. The latest SWM TLNW 320 project has taken me 4 months and not getting too far. It’s true, that being a bitsa bike, it has taken a bit longer to get things in the right place.

Also true is that 3 engine strips and rebuilds have taken there time. I am not sure that the 3rd one has been successful as I left the bike with an intermittent spark. Ah, the engine. Its a late serial number 280cc Rotax unit, I think from 1982 and as such has the later (smoother) clutch action. The engine has seen some improvements (I hope), from top down.
– head gasket
– cylinder rebore
– new piston (1st oversize), with the all important (well maybe) boost port.
– new little end and gudgeon pin
– replacement crank (big end problems with the original)
– new main bearings
– replacement disk valve
– new crankshaft seals
– replacement kickstart shaft
– new kickshaft (not cheap, but worth it)

The bike currently has no spark; there was one when i put the engine back in the frame, but alas not currently; thats on the list of things “to-do”.

Apart from the engine:
– the frame has had the steering head angle ‘modified’. The was done by Gavin with the aim of providing a steeper steering head angle.
– new plastics, from Martin
– new swingarm bushes; modified some from the RS catalog, with varying degrees of success.
– forks; couple of sets to choose from; put Betors on it for now
– exhaust, new condition rear box has been added.

Will get some pictures together, but things progressing (just slower); but it down to adverse shed conditions.

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