Beta TR33: a classic purchase ?

Was tempted by the Beta after enjoying riding the TR240 twinshock, so decided on a purchase

The bike was the second of Beta’s aircooled monos, following on from the TR-32. It has a similar motor to the earlier models, though slightly more bulky. Pretty sure the bike is a TR-33, but looking at the specification not so sure now, partly because the TR-33 is meant to have a rear disk brake; this one has a drum brake. The photo of a TR-33 I did manage to find seems to match the bike, with rear drum and the rather small exhaust rear box.

Beta TR33 - view 1

The engine on the bike is really rather good, with the same sweet sound that comes from the TR240. There is plenty of power from what (I think) is a 240cc motor.

Beta TR33 - view 2

Beta TR33 - engine

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