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Gavin has been going on about the Montesa challenge for a while. The idea is that between us we can re-introduce the Montesa to twinshock trials (when was the last one on a Sammy Miller round).

If there is a handicapping system (lowest power, oldest bike), then a 1972 Montesa 123 wins. I picked it up from Harrogate yesterday.

Montesa 123: I think

It was a donor bike (well really a donor frame in fact), but it is complete. The frame needs powder coating (or painting), as does the swing arm and potentially the front yokes.

Next phase will be a step-by-step run through of the components and getting the frame done. Its a little while away, as work gets in the way. At a glance though it does look good:
– one tank of a good standard, with a spare which needs a little work, but is intact
– engine is complete and comestically doesn’t look too bad. Time will tell on how it runs
– aftermarket NJB rear shocks
– cables and controls all in place

Plenty of people have 123’s so some good references around as well as pictures, including:

Montesa Image 1

[ Montesa Image 2 -> ]

First item for discussion is the frame colour; the 1972 frame colours are silver it seems:

Silver Frame

Whilst from 1974 on, they seem to be black

Black Frane

The frame number seems to be early and I’ve sent a request for dating letter off to Roy Bacon as part of the plan to get the bike on the road see previous article

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