Nick and Ian’s Boringly Predictable TY250

After a few goes on the furious big-bore TL, Ian and Nick have, with tedious predictability, bought themselves a 1976 TY 250 twinshock in mostly good order.

Unlike most of Malcolm’s bikes, it has started its new life in one piece and with apparently entirely complete cycle parts (ok, it might have a set of very subdued pattern levers), missing only the autolube and the original decal for the mid-pipe leg guard. Also unlike most twinshocks, both brakes work and are capable of actually retarding the bike above a speed of 2mph. This may or may not have anything to do with its last home, which involved a garage full of spotless, concours condition BSA A65s and their restorer. He was clearly a qualified ninja mechanic, as evidenced by acres of gleaming chrome and the fact that all the oil was inside the bikes, rather than distributed evenly across their crankcases.

So, yet another TY. “Where is the challenge?”, I (we) hear you cry. For us, as near-virgin trials enthusiasts, the challenge is avoiding effeminate squeals or wobbling into a tree. Tales of woe, misadventure and ruined shrubbery are sure to follow…and we may even do some trials.

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