PlanetRock : playing with Linux

Getting PlanetRock playing with Linux

Took about 10 minutes to work it out, but should be fairly straightforward.

The PlanetRock stream in an .asx file, which mplayer supports directly. Therefore to get the best rock station in the UK (on DAB or Internet) some simple steps below:

1. You need to have the mplayer package install on your Linux distro (mine is Red Hat / Fedora). To install it “yum install mplayer” which should pull in any dependencies also.

2. From the Home page click on the “Listen Now” button.

3. New pop-up page; you have a compatible player installed, so right click on the “Click Here” link and select “Copy Link Location”

4. Switch to a terminal / command line on your system (easiest way, honest) and type “mplayer -playlist “. You should be able to paste the URL but will have something like “mplayer -playlist”.

5. You will get some messages but then the player will fill the buffer and depending on the speed of you connection, should then start playing.

I live in the wilderness and struggle to get a connection about 1Mbps, but have no problem listening to PlanetRock. Keeps me insane. Rock on

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