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After some trouble with my hosting provider UKHosts having one of their web servers compromised, I decided it was time for a change. I’ve move the website to a Linux VPS hosted by Linode . Its a virtualised Xen server running Linux (Fedora 9) and gives me full root access via ssh and the chance to set things up my way and hopefully more securely.

I’ll still be using the SPIP content management system for now. Its proved to be pretty robust and managed to recover it pretty easily after the hack at UKHosts.

The domain is still active, but I’ll also use the opportunity to bring in the domain as the primary domain for website access.

Thanks for using the site (there are already around 2500 page views a month) and if you would like to contribute to the site, with classic trials reviews or about bikes you’ve worked on, then let me know and I can add you as an author.

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