Hurry up Harris, we’re all going down the beach…

It had stopped raining during the night, so getting ready for 09h40 sailing to Tarbet on Harris wasn’t going to be too much of a challenge. Also helped by the fact the pier was about 200m from the campsite.

Nothing open for food in Uig and impressions of the place were reinforced by the robust approach by the Calmac guys checking in. Ferry on time and the bikes fastened to vertical bars placed on the deck. The MV Hebrides isn’t a massive ship, but its a good size for crossing the Minch

Matt straight onboard searching for power to charge the array of electrical devices. His Freeloader charger procured from the Eden Project the week before was failing to produce the necessary charge, but probably down to the limited amount of sunlight available.


A good breakfast onboard and settled down for the 1h40m crossing. The weather out across the Little Minch was better than that on Skye and importantly dry. On arriving at Tarbet, did some investigation on campsites and also did some shopping. The size and number of the shops reflect both the size and requirements of the community on Harris. As Matt and Rog dissappeared into a hardware store last seen in England in the 1950’s, I wandered into Munro’s grocery store, where the lottery machine was handily placed next to the bacon slicer. The locally made beef sausages looked excellent and a sample was provided.

To the petrol station for fuel and air for the rear tyre of the XL, after Roger decided 10 psi was probably a little low (it should have been 25). Petrol here is more expensive than the mainland, at 124p for unleaded and the price had been rising steadily since we left Perth.

Seilebost, Harris

After discussions on where and how to stay, we headed towards Horgabost in South Harris with the intention of staying a couple of nights. After a section of single track road across the rocky heart of Harris, we emerged over looking the bay at Seilebost and its really impressive view across white beaches, blue sea and the mountains of North Harris behind.


The campsite at Horgabost was behind the beach on the machir and was an excellent spot. We spent the afternoon on the beach and rockpools and Matt and Rog even attempted some fishing with equipment Roger had procured from the Pound Shop.

Some decisions over dinner; either Matt’s army ration boil in the bag or the tempting delights of a Corned Beef Madras with new potatoes. Unsurprisingly the latter one and was followed up by Ambrosia rice pudding and a can of McEwans Export. Even though I say myself, the meal would have been worthy of a place on the menu at the Ivy. However, its missing ingredient, not being at the Ivy, but in Harris, added significantly to the dining experience.

Horgebost: Campsite

Total of 10 miles travelled by bike today, what bike tours should be about. A tour of Lewis and Harris tomorrow planned, weather hopefully ok.

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