Long way roundabout

No time for a round the world trip, then the Hebrides is the best option…
Can’t afford £11k for a BMW GS, then £700 gets you a 1980’s trailie off ebay.

Long way roundabout thanks to Simon for the name] has allusions to both blokes with budgets going round the world on trains (and bikes some of the time), but also a classic [Yes track


For the story of our trip and lots of tales of derring-do [[see http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/derring-do]]

1. Slow way round

2. Long way out

3. Skyveing

4. Hurry up Harris…

5. Nis Plus

6. Uist drowned world

7. Barra of laughs

A. Planning and Kit

Photobox Album with all the Photos


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