Trevor Hunt Trophy Trial

Not so much of a write up, more an evaluation of the event and what to do next. Too busy to take photos on the day (and I left my camera at home too 🙂

The weather was good for setting out on Saturday and remained fine for the trial, with rain arriving around 18h00 after everyone had finished.

The sections and route are attached, results to be uploaded also.


The feedback on the trial was general very good, in particular:

– good sections (just like the Manx was one comment). 14 different groups helped provide variety and that some of the classic Trader’s section made it in, added to the fun

– the off-road sections (Shawl’s, Hermit’s and Hill Lane) added to the mix and had an impact on the results

– that the Standard Route sections were of a good-level, though for the top riders a couple of stopper sections may have helped

The Wye Valley club learned a lot from running of the event and it was good to see a generally excellent level of support from members, friends and landowners. It wouldn’t be possible otherwise. The first event will always be the hardest, as Andy Pitt is probably hoping.


There was an entry of around 70, with a few non-starters

– having the modern bikes in trial certainly helped the entry, but the trial wasn’t set out for them, so they have may have found it on the easy side in some cases. Most of the modern bike riders understood that

– the Alternative route was only 30% of the overall entry; more pre-65’s and twinshock riders would have enjoyed it

The Sections

Glandwr, potentially for more (and harder) sections in the right hand stream, but the banks and trees provided some great variation
Darkies; older classic section and though not hard should remain a feature of the trial because of tradition and history
Blackhill, good traditional stream section and some potential for further subs
Shawls, like Darkies but harder, again a traditional section that makes a statement about the style and ‘feel’ of the trial
Little Cefn, only one sub here, but the Standard route sub was good one, again split up the longer road section round to Urishay
Cae Mawr, relatively easy, but laid out that way. Would have been different in the wet, but mainly provided some variation
Slough Dingle, again, character sections
St Margarets, nice stream sub and broke up the ride round to:
Lodge Wood, lots more sections here, not just in the stream, as people who’ve ridden other WVAC trials know. The stream sections here caught out a few and were harder than expected
Platch, couple of short subs (used for schoolboy sections till now), again some other potential
Fedw: good subs, again in a stream. There are some more “interesting” sections further downstream
Mynnyd Ferdin: good couple of sections again, some more potential for harder subs here
Pont yr Ynys: good subs, again of the right flavour for a classic trial

There was room infact to put subs in both Hermits and Hill Lane, probably 3 or more in the latter and the inclusions of these UCRs in the route, added to feel of the trial

Where Next ?

There was a thought of getting the trial into either the Sammy Miller or ACU Traditional Series. However, both series would potentially restrict the sections available for use and the character of the event.

Perhaps it should stay as a standalone ‘classic’ event, to keep the character and flavour of the sections, aiming at pre-65 and twinshock riders. There is infact enough ground for a two-day trial with limited overlap.

Comments welcome, either here or on the thread on TrailsCentral

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