Jumbo for sale

Heavy heart and all that, but genuine reason for sale

I’ve been thinking about it for a while and Martin has been running an advert for the bike for a while.

A few calls but I’m now ready to sell it. It went well at the Classic Experts , pulled well low down, got plenty of grip and could handle it in the streams and with rocks. It more down to me and have probably developed a mental block riding.

Its a 350 and pulls like it. It’s not as small as a TY175, but its not a big bike. So if you are interested have a look at the articles that make up the Jumbo story

Looking for around £950-1000 for the bike and there are some spares (including a barrel, piston, front light unit and a spare PHBL28 carb.

If you are interested give me a call on 07720 079845

Jumbo in the Rain

Jumbo: LHS



Jumbo 4

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