The ebay project continues

After some soul searching…and inspection of the wallet, Gavin’s ebay project continues

After some helpful comments on Trials Central it turns out whilst the engine is from a Model 80, circa 1971, the frame is most likely from a later Sherpa.

Gavin has braved ebay once again and found a conrod, big end kit the process of restoration is underway. With the challenge thrown down by Woody to complete the bike for the 1st Sammy Miller round in Devon on March 9th, time and parts availability is against him.

Crank with new conrod

The gear cluster is slightly worn, and though expert advice from Dave Renham did advise that the tolerances would be fairly slack, the gear shafts are clearly very worn.

Gear cluster

Some other contacts for the correct frame and bottom yoke are forthcoming and also some calls to Brian Griffiths in nearby Peterchurch. The project is looking like being a bit of a challenge and Gavin has now been quoted as saying “buy a complete working price that you can take straight to a trial” to anybody who is listening.

Therefore currently looking for a frame (there is one nicely painted for part-ex), engine spares, bottom yoke and other Model 80 spares.

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