Return of Tremorithic

With the return of the Traders on 25th April 2009, went out to do some work at Tremorithic, the infamous group last used in 1994.

There is a sense of celebrity for this gully, which is still held in regard having been only cleaned by Steffan Merriman in the 90’s after first attempts in the British Championship round of 1976

Gavin working on the lower part of the section

After 15 years of inactivity since a young Douggie and Steve Colley waited in the queue for their attempt on the toughest and last group of sections, back up to Tremorithic to clear it out.

The bottom of the gully is fairly flat but the rest of it is fairly awesome. Rarely for modern trials, its a straight line, very much in Scottish tradition. There wasn’t much water in it today, but it does remind you of Witches Burn, especially the step.

Above the step, the rest of the gully (and probably the 2nd sub) is not so steep but equally impressive and will provide a useful challenge.

Lots of enthusiastic observers have already put their names down for this section (currently more than entered riders 🙂 but there are plenty of other interesting groups, including Fedw and Hill Lane, the latter was used on the classic trial in Sept as part of the route, but was deemed too easy to put in sections 🙂

Bottom of the gully looking up

The top of the step was pretty narrow, so some more space was made by removing a gravestone of a slab using the long bar Dan had brought along.

Trevor's Headstone on the move

It took about 30 minutes and everyone taking a turn to get it into a good spot off the line further down. Its now a straight (ish) line though there’s no denying that it is not an easy section. Trevor may not be happy with the easing out, but the majority of the riders will.

Gavin was heard to mention that he fancied tackling the trial on his Honda, so we can look forward to that.

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