What’s this ! a sports bike ?

Always liked these bikes and after putting a CBR400 back on the road a few years ago, always fancied having one of these.

Roger (and I blame him completely) found a poorly listed VFR 400 NC24 on ebay. These were all grey imports in 87-88 and pre-date the later (and more sought after) NC30 VFR400’s, which had the same single sided swingarm but were lighter, had more power and the twin headlight arrangement.

Anyway, I was only the bidder on the bike and picked it up for < £600, which was good, though buying blind always has its risks. The Transalp has turned out to be an excellent bike for £650 and though there is an oilleak its covered 4000 miles with not too much problem.

The seller, John, hadn’t really used the bike in 2 years since he’d bought and although there was a current MOT (from July 2008) it hadn’t done too much in the way of mileage. Early start from Hereford to pick the bike up and arrived in Peterborough at 08h00.

The bodywork on the bike was all good, but not sure if the paintwork was original; if it had been resprayed then it was a good job. The engine also sounded spot on, after 10 minutes of warming up, and when it started running on 4 cylinders. No noises and rattles, tyres in good nick and overall pretty good for a 22 year old bike.

Did the transaction and after sitting for 1.5 hours on the M3 waiting for an accident to be cleared got down to Farnborough and the office. (oh, Little Fluffy Clouds on the radio). round 18h00, Roger, myself and Nick decided to check out the VFR as well as Rog’s new Yamaha XJ750 Seca which he’d bought on the weekend.

Though the roads on the Business Park are not ideal, took the VFR for a first spin. All seemed together though after Roger had had a quick blast also, something wasn’t right with the revs and power from the bike. A quick trip to the end of the runway and away from the offices and it became clear that 7000 rpm was the meaximum revs. Disconnecting the tachometer didn’t change things (except for disabling the rev counter obviously).

Hmm, despite indications to the contrary, the bike was indeed still restricted. Some google research came up with a couple of links including:

[ http://www.vf750fd.com/motorbikes/NC24.html ->
http://www.vf750fd.com/motorbikes/NC24.html ]

Some good comments on the speed limiting (and assocaited rev restriction)


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