A Beta Twinshock in France

Stuart in France got in touch, after recently acquiring a fine a Beta TR240 twinshock

With my own Beta looking a little tired after two years of road trials, it was nice to see some pictures of one recently acquired by Stuart in France.

Beta TR240

Some comments (and history) in an email from him….

did you know Sandifords were the first
importers of the bike while Harglow inported all the spares. Sandiford
did’nt keep it long and I told David Weatherill to take on Beta when his son
was a works Aprilla rider and David had left the company we both worked for,
he hesitated and it fell to John Lamkin via a deal with Roy Carey from
Fantic. Peter Cartwright was the works rider for Beta with one of the very
first 240’s it ended up in a box of bits at Jefferies Motorcycles in Shipley
wher I bought it and made it into the first 260cc using a 72.5 mm pisto from
a Montesa 247……………the bike is still around in the Paris Region,
and in use………..


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