Dusting it off…..

Getting the SWM fired up after a 12 month gap, for the WG&DF hill climb at Rockfield

Not ridden much in the way of trials in the last few months so decided to have a fun afternoon out at the West Glos & Dean Forest club Stump Wood hill climb . The night before I decided to fire up the SWM, rather than use the Beta, which wasn’t going to like powering up hills quite so much.

It took five or six kicks of (a non-slipping) kickstart to get it up and running and then carefully pointing the bike out of the workshop door, push it into gear for liftoff. A few laps of the very dark garden failed to free up the clutch and decided to wait for morning to give it a spin on the road. It took about a mile in top and then depressing the clutch lever got the plates to de-seize.

Back in the shed

The hill climb itself was a good fun event, though I did get the bike out of the van quietly amongst the enduro KTM’s and other modern and quick machinery. Ah well.

Anyone, after about 4 hill climb sections the heat of the bike fried the condensor (not for the first time) and that was that. No spark. End of event for me, though did some timing and watching, which was all good fun.

Back in the shed and its time to sort out the condensor, once and for all, by moving it out from behind the flywheel. Its giving a good healthy spark (better than the one on the electronic ignition Beta as it happens).

More on this to come…..

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