SWM Spares List

After an afternoon sorting out in the shed, have made a list of avaiable spares. I have pictures of them all and these will processed when I’ve got time

SWM Trials 1978 – 83 (Guanaco, TL320) Spares

Drop me an email to malcolm@redhat.com if you are interested in any of the items

Rotax Engine Spares

Barrel, 70.8mm SOLD

Clutch, basket, plates & springs, complete useable

Clutch, basket, plates & springs, needs cleaning up, useable

Clutch bearings & spacers

Clutch cover, good condition, no holes

Clutch cover, poor condition, hole (in usual place, needs mag weld repair)

Clutch front plate

Clutch lock washer

Clutch plates, part work

Clutch springs (various)

Cover from behind flywheel, damaged

Cover from behind flywheel, undamaged SOLD

Crankcase (pair)

Crankcase (pair), with gear selector & shaft

Crankshaft bearings, both sides, various, some new

Crankshaft drive sprocket (x2)

Crankshaft, not seized, will need rebuild SOLD

Cylinder Head (with barrel above)

Disk valve

Disk valve / carb inlet pipe

Disk valve cover

Flywheel, additional bolt on weight

Flywheel balancers (x2)

Flywheel cover, with lower guard

Flywheel nuts

Flywheels (x2), keyways intact, 1 is slightly lighter than the other SOLD

Gaskets, cylinder head and base gasket, used but okay for re-use (?)

Gearbox, cluster complete

Gearbox, selector arm

Gearbox, selector barrels (x2)

Gearbox selector forks (both)

Gearbox selector shaft (fits inside kickstart shaft) SOLD

Idler sprocket (between kickstart and clutch) (x3)

Kickshaft shaft, used but splines not too worn SOLD

Kickshaft spring retaining bolt

Kickstart & gear selector shaft, complete, useable splines

Kickstart spring

Kickstart sprocket (x2)

Piston, Elko, 70.8mm with rings & gudgeon pin

Piston, Elko, 76.2mm with rings

Piston, Elko, 76mm

Piston rings, various

Sump plug

Cycle Parts

Airbox, airfiler holder

Airbox, cover

Airbox cover securing rubber, undamaged

Airbox, rubber, used with split, poss repair

Airbox, with rubber carb inlet manifold (with split)

Bash plate, aluminium, well used

Betor (?) Front Forks (35mm), 1979 SWM Guanaco, Crack in bottom of fork leg,

Chain tensioner, rubber, with sprocket guard

Clutch cover, plastic inspection covers

Crankshaft seals (both sides/sizes)

Exhaust, Front Pipe, good condition, useable, 1979 SWM Guanaco

Exhaust, Mid box, fair condition, no holes

Exhaust, rear box, never been cut open, but needs attention for further use

Flywheel cover bearings

Footrests, 1 set new, for 1980 Guanaco

Footrests, 2 sets of used painted rests

Fork tops (various)

Frame, 1979 Guanaco, in primer only, bottom loops

Frame, 1980 TL320, powder coated black, no bottom loops

Front brake plate arm (x2), one painted black

Front brake plate, brake arm, no pads

Front fork tube (35mm), good condtion, no pitting some light scratches

Front mudguard bracket, Guanaco 78/79, early forks

Front sprocket guard

Front sprockets, used

Fuel cap, from metal tank, 1978-81

Fuel tank, from 1980 TL320, as supplied by Peter Jerred for 1980 SSDT. Dented and
flaky paintwork

Fuel tank, in red primer, no dents

Fuel taps (various, no provence)

Gear lever (various)

Handlebars, early set of cow horn style Renthals (?)

Ignition Coil (x2), one motorplat

Kickstart, new Rotax item, both main lever and bottom knuckle. SOLD

Kickstart shaft seals

Kickstart, with bottom knuchle and pivot, useable though may require engineering

Kickstart, with bottom knuckle. Knuckle splines worn with modification

Lever mounts (various)

Levers, original long variety

Pair rear shocks, from SWM 1979 Guanaco, from sidecar outfit

Rear brake and sprocket, from cush-drive models, SWM 1978-9 and Gori’s

Rear brake pedal

Rear brake pedal, home brew

Rear brake plate, with pads and brake arm

Rear sprockets for 79 Guanaco, serviceable.

Rear wheel spindle from 79 Guanaco

Seat, good for restoration only

Shock absorber springs, from Betor Steel set, 40lb spring rate

Sidepanel retaining screws

Stator Plate, good condition with condensor, points and original wiring

Stator Plate, working with alternate wiring SOLD

Swingarm bolt, from 79 Guanaco, should fit all models

Swingarm caps (2 of)

Swingarm, painted, but with stand mounting removed SOLD

Swingarm, plastic guard. Used, a lot.

Swingarm, used condition

Throttle bodies, Domino plastic

Various bolts and handlebar clamps from 1979 Guanaco

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