TLR250: rebuild completed

After some time in the workshop, and an opportune sunny morning in Herefordshire, Gavin’s TLR250 emerges. Now complete with engine rebuild and Shedworks tank and other body work.

The bike has an RTL engine (see pictures) which was how it was fitted originally, we think as Derek Edmonson’s bike circa 1983-4 in his role as HRC mechanic to Eddy LeJeune. The bike is road registration and the reg is similar to one of Eddy’s pink RTL’s from that period.

Recent work carried out includes :

– Cam Bearings
– Pistons and Piston Rings
– timing chain
– tensioner blades
– valves & valve springs
– new fibreglass tank/seat unit from Shedworks
– shotblasted and powdercoating from Redditch Shotblasting
– new mudguards, also Shedworks
– new chain guard
– new chain, rear tyre

Steel tank, exhaust rear box, rear mudguard are still present just not on the bike. The bike has V5 and is road registered.

Engine spares from David Silver Spares

The bike is for sale, Gavin is currently open to offers in the GBP 4000 mark, for more information contact him on +44 1981 570670. Happy to discuss overseas shipment and delivery in the UK.




TLR250 Engine
TLR250 - rear exhaust

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