Christmas Quiz 2009

A 2009 Christmas Quiz; submissions by 12pm Dec 23rd and the winner to receive a t-shirt when i get them printed in the new year.

For each of the 12 images, 1 mark for the make/model of the bike. 1 mark for the year of manufacture, 1 optional mark for any other useful.useless information on the rider, the bikeand obscure facts

Some are easy, some not and all from my own camera, so it narrows it down a bit

Have fun. Email your answers to

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John Langford Non-Expert Trial

Small entry, but good venue, good weather and refreshments….what more could you ask for !

The venue at Rockyfold was used as part of the Trevor Hunt Trophy Trial back in September, but the venue played host to the John Langford non-expert trial, a charity event in aid of Pulmonary Hypertension . Malcolm Howells (who rides regularly with South Shropshire, Wye Valley and around), fiancee is a sufferer and the venue was the family farm, located up in Craswall (aka the middle-of-nowhere).

New boots

The areas noted for its rocks and streams, but the ~ 2 mile lap contained a variety of conditions within the 12 sections. Slippery banks (its still wet up in Craswall :-), roots, rocks and some streams.

There was an entry of 24 riders on the main route, plus the separate Youth C&D route (not sure of the entry here), but this was the presentation trial for a very successful inaugral seasons.

Rider Briefing

I’d decided to ride up with the Pampera after not planning to ride and then getting a late ‘you-might-get-a-ride’ call from Brian (C-of-C), but the Beta still needed some work after the Classic Experts. . However, 0 degrees and no gloves didn’t help as I was riding over and even a quick blast up Hermit’s on the way up didn’t help. Hand agony was intense time I got to Rockyfold and needed to walk around cursing for a bit, before they warmed up.

Section 6

Observed sections 7 & 8, which were on a slippery bank and the scores on the day proved that is wasn’t straightforward. Cleans were most common on the first sub, with the exit from the second being difficult on the Clubman route as the trial went on.

Gavin was over on section 6, which was a rocky gulley followed by an exit up to the end cards at the top of the slope, which was challenging, as no-one cleaned it on all 4 laps.

Hmmm, streams

One of the main subjects for discussion at Wye Valley trials is the lack of entries, especially for modern trials. When the Classic series was run in 2006/07 see report the numbers would be in the 40-60 area. There are usually a number of things that effect entries [[These are personal opinions by the way]].
location, whilst the ground WVAC has available for trials is pretty good see Crondall Woods for comparison, the problem is that Herefordshire is really near anywhere. Lots of riders at today’s trial travelled a far way and are based in 4 ACU centres (Western, Midland, East South Wales and Mid Wales). There are local riders, but we were all observing (not that I mind)

Section 12

entries : the club has traditionally preferred postal entries prior to the event and whilst we can get a few entries that way, we need to encourage people to turn up and ride on the day if they want. A lot of people don’t know if they have time (or in my case if a bike is running) till the evening before the event. Some want to check the weather and most will want to know if their mates are riding.

type of events : having classic trials seems to have in the past got a good entry (and I’m referring to the non-national, non-road events), making non-centre championship rounds primarily classic events (with TSR22b) but allowing all to ride may encourage those twinshock and pre-65 riders to come along. Today’s trial saw 1 pre-65 and 1 twinshock.

ambience : I might be biased, but when I first started riding trials (not too long ago, about 8-9 years), the WVAC club was a little inaccessible, or so it seemed, and for the first couple of years, I mainly rode in East South Wales. With the events now, and the youth trials also, WVAC is a club transformed (in my eyes) and runs some excellent trials. Perhaps we should do more regards accessibility to encourage new members and riders.

Section 7

Food and drink was laid on by the landowner and it was all very civilised at the end of the trial. Looming darkness put me on my way for the ride back (the lights on the Pampera aren’t stunning), though did manage a descent of Hermits and a conversation with the farmer at Slough Dingle about the days of Tiger Cub’s blasting up the lane in the 60-70’s hey-day of the Traders.

Good day out. Results to come though they’ll appear on the Western Centre website first.

Bultaco Model 80 Project: its for sale

No real progress from Gavin on the project, so as per ‘workshop’ rules, its time for it to move to a new home.

** It is now sold **

The bike is 90% complete and the groundwork has been done in getting a ‘shed’ into a useable bike.

If Airfix made trials bikes, then this is how it would come. Whats included:

M80 Frame, with yokes (the correct ones)
M91 Alpina Frame, with yokes
Front forks, in really good condition
– Wheels, with hubs. Correct and useable
– M80 engine cases, covers, barrel and head
– New gasket kit, ready for re-build
– New brake shoes, front and rear
– New piston and rings
– Spare barrel, from M91 Alpina
– Rebuilt and balanced crank
– new piston and rings
– complete new set of bearings and seals
– correct exhaust system (for M80) in good condition
– rechromed mudguard stays, new chrome front mudguard
– electrical system, including stator plate and ignition coil
– full parts catalogue with exploded diagrams

The obvious things you are going to need are:
– new tank seat unit; these can be obtained from Dave Renham (Bultaco UK) or from Sammy Miller, depending on your pursuit of the genuine completed article.
– carb, can supply a Dellorto, but should (I think) be Amal MkII (someone out-there can confirm this)
– bolts for rebuild; replacement Allen head bolts to replace the original posi’s make a lot of sense.

The perfect M80 in kit form; make the concours bike for the front room and a ready-to-trial machine.

Honest Gavin
A Model 80 Bultaco
New Chrome Mudguards
Engine spares
Spare Barrel
Crank, rebuilt
New bearings, seals and piston (w/rings)
New Gasket set

Rockyfold: new venue for WVAC trials

Took the Pampera out to look at the new WVAC venue for trials, taking in a couple of lanes on the way

Needless to say it was wet up in Craswell. Didn’t rain while we were there, but the ground is soaking and will make for an interesting trial next week. The CHG John Draper trial is a casualty for tomorrow and everywhere is currently soaked.

Took the Pampera up and managed to take in an ascent of Hermit’s Lane (better performance than on the previous visit) and a descent of Shawl’s Lane on the way there

Stream (aka river) section

They’ll be 10 or 11 sections next week and some of those are on the various banks and some in the streams (not low water). Also will be a good ride around on the lap, though riders will need to stick to the markers and tape, as to avoid damage to the fields.

Bottom of Shawls Lane, with a deepish river to cross

Managed to prove that like most bikes, the Pampera needs not a lot of air in the tyres. On rocky stream sections, the bike also tends to bump arond on the front end (longer forks)

Parking the bike

Rode back, again taking in Shawls, this time the ascent. A clean up here at the moment, on any bike, let alone the Pamp would be a good ride. Has to get off and push near the top, as missed the deviation and went straight for the step.

All good for next week, though we could do without any more rain