Rockyfold: new venue for WVAC trials

Took the Pampera out to look at the new WVAC venue for trials, taking in a couple of lanes on the way

Needless to say it was wet up in Craswell. Didn’t rain while we were there, but the ground is soaking and will make for an interesting trial next week. The CHG John Draper trial is a casualty for tomorrow and everywhere is currently soaked.

Took the Pampera up and managed to take in an ascent of Hermit’s Lane (better performance than on the previous visit) and a descent of Shawl’s Lane on the way there

Stream (aka river) section

They’ll be 10 or 11 sections next week and some of those are on the various banks and some in the streams (not low water). Also will be a good ride around on the lap, though riders will need to stick to the markers and tape, as to avoid damage to the fields.

Bottom of Shawls Lane, with a deepish river to cross

Managed to prove that like most bikes, the Pampera needs not a lot of air in the tyres. On rocky stream sections, the bike also tends to bump arond on the front end (longer forks)

Parking the bike

Rode back, again taking in Shawls, this time the ascent. A clean up here at the moment, on any bike, let alone the Pamp would be a good ride. Has to get off and push near the top, as missed the deviation and went straight for the step.

All good for next week, though we could do without any more rain

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