Bultaco Model 80 Project: its for sale

No real progress from Gavin on the project, so as per ‘workshop’ rules, its time for it to move to a new home.

** It is now sold **

The bike is 90% complete and the groundwork has been done in getting a ‘shed’ into a useable bike.

If Airfix made trials bikes, then this is how it would come. Whats included:

M80 Frame, with yokes (the correct ones)
M91 Alpina Frame, with yokes
Front forks, in really good condition
– Wheels, with hubs. Correct and useable
– M80 engine cases, covers, barrel and head
– New gasket kit, ready for re-build
– New brake shoes, front and rear
– New piston and rings
– Spare barrel, from M91 Alpina
– Rebuilt and balanced crank
– new piston and rings
– complete new set of bearings and seals
– correct exhaust system (for M80) in good condition
– rechromed mudguard stays, new chrome front mudguard
– electrical system, including stator plate and ignition coil
– full parts catalogue with exploded diagrams

The obvious things you are going to need are:
– new tank seat unit; these can be obtained from Dave Renham (Bultaco UK) or from Sammy Miller, depending on your pursuit of the genuine completed article.
– carb, can supply a Dellorto, but should (I think) be Amal MkII (someone out-there can confirm this)
– bolts for rebuild; replacement Allen head bolts to replace the original posi’s make a lot of sense.

The perfect M80 in kit form; make the concours bike for the front room and a ready-to-trial machine.

Honest Gavin
A Model 80 Bultaco
New Chrome Mudguards
Engine spares
Spare Barrel
Crank, rebuilt
New bearings, seals and piston (w/rings)
New Gasket set

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