Christmas Quiz 2009

A 2009 Christmas Quiz; submissions by 12pm Dec 23rd and the winner to receive a t-shirt when i get them printed in the new year.

For each of the 12 images, 1 mark for the make/model of the bike. 1 mark for the year of manufacture, 1 optional mark for any other useful.useless information on the rider, the bikeand obscure facts

Some are easy, some not and all from my own camera, so it narrows it down a bit

Have fun. Email your answers to

|image-1.jpg| Image 1|
|image-2.jpg| Image 2|
|image-3.jpg| Image 3|
|image-4.jpg| Image 4|
|image-5.jpg| Image 5|
|image-6.jpg| Image 6|
|image-7.jpg| Image 7|
|image-8.jpg| Image 8|
|image-9.jpg| Image 9|
|image-10.jpg| Image 10|
|image-11.jpg| Image 11|
|image-12.jpg| Image 12|

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