Modifying the electrics

Finally got round to moving the condensor on the SWM

After frying yet another condensor at the Stump Wood Hill Climb, thought it was finally time to move.

SWM / Rotax stator plate

Like a lot of points-based bikes seem to mount the condensor between charging coil and the points, that is behind the flywheel, otherwise known as the hottest and least accessible place on the bike.

Condensor next to ignition coil

Watching the clip of the 1968 Scottish (on the the Duke 6 from the Scottish DVD), it shows Sammy Miller in-prep with two condensors and coils mounted under the tank. Anyway, with some inspiration from Guiildford and a kindly donated condensor with a tail, it took about 30 minutes or so to make some alterations to place the condensor on the mounting next to the coil. This seems to earth ok and immediately got a spark, so all good and no problems..

Running well

Hopefully this will remove the issues with failures at trials and with a good tighten on the flywheel bolt (hmm, maybe loctite also) should also prevent the other SWM problem of note.

Some other considerations for mods on the TL320, again taking some inspirations from Pete’s bike in Guildford
– rear box on the exhaust system. One of the WES TY250 twinshock exhausts should go with only slight modification
– footrests, they need to wider and also potentially move them down and back from the current stock position. I’ve a spare frame so may do this here, rather than on the untouched original
– carb and jetting has always seemed pretty good but there is probably some room for improvement.

Taking the bike for a spin round the field, moving off of idle is pretty lively and i need to remove some of the snap to make it more controllable (throttle adjustment) and also get the currently cheap (Vee Rubber) rear better placed on the rim. b

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