What tyres for snow ?

With the current ‘coldest-since-1963’ winter conditions, no time to stop riding the bike. But what tyres to choose.

The mixed conditions in Herefordshire (ie snow, ice and slush) means the biking is currently fun ! Whilst the KTM has stayed in the garage, the Pampera is an ideal tool for splat round the field or a trip into town or to the shops.

Snow, dark and -10 C

Tyre choice is interesting, but i’ve ended up with an enduro rear and trials front, basically to get drive on snow and the packed snow on the untreated rodes. The Michelin trials front steers okay, but still quick to wash out on the roads. Keeping your hand off the front brake is also essential and the good thing about the Pampera is a useable rear (ie disk).

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