A slightly different project, introducing a Yamaha MX 250

What I think is a 1973 Yamaha MX250, though further investigation is needed to work out exactly which year.

Picked up from Kevin’s collection of bikes of bikes in Tredgar and this was there next to an original (but pretty rotten) 1971 Honda XL 250 Motorsport, I bike I’ve also always fancied.

However, with an interest in getting an early 70’s, preferably pre-74 motocrosser, the Yamaha was my target bike for the trip into the wintery wilderness of the Gwent valleys. Its a US import, thought to have come via Ellastone off-road in Uttoxeter. It has been pretty well mangled in terms of looks, though the frame is straight in good condition and the frame and engine numbers match. Also it runs, with that standard Yamaha top end rattle. The exhaust system also is complete and in very good condition for its 35+ years.

Yamaha MX250
Yamaha MX250

Not so good, is the large ding in the front wheel and also where someone has tried to weld something to the top of the fork tubes (??) but the rest of the fork chrome where it matters looks fine and they seem to work pretty well. Rear shocks, with reservoirs are original and also seem to work ok, but will probably need new ones for any racing.

What’s missing, ah well. There’s no plastics, mudguards or side panels, and there’s no airbox. Whilst you could get away with a clip-on K&N filter, sometimes difficult to get the same performance than with an airbox. Also missing the front brake arm, but something from DT should fit. Also will need new cables across the bike.

The engine runs

Also, need to work out the year exactly. These bikes were primarily silver in 72 and 73 (with red and then yellow graphics) and then yellow in 74. Will have to remove some of the red paint from the tank to see what lurks beneath.

Having no plastics at least gives me the choice on what to get in terms of which colour (and therefore which year) to make the bike. Some research on t’Internet in front of the fire, instead of the sub-zero shed seems to make sense.

Anyway, after being stalled on the Transalp rebuild for a while, nice to have a restoration project to do for 2010.

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