MX250 strip

Only had the bike a day, but time to strip it down and start the process of restoration.

Whilst I’d worked out what was missing time to work out what was broken and needed fixing.

Ready for dissembly

The bike was wheeled up on the stand and whipped off the tank and exhaust fairly quickly. The exhaust system is complete, with the rear box and is in good condition with no corrosion. Not sure how the system is attached to the barrel but there was one spring holding it in place; no gasket etc,

CDI and Ignition

Joy of joys, the bike is electronic ignition though the CDI unit is about the same size as a modern one-bedroom studio apartment. Simple wiring layout and the original connectors (nice and chunky and good condition), The coil, cables and spark plug lead and cap all also seemed serviceable, didn’t check the spark, but the bike seems to fire up easily and there’s good compression.

Ignition Coil


Removing the front end revealed the true horrors to the weld to the chrome (what posses some people ?). Forgotten about the joys old fashioned steering head bearings, that was until I sprayed ball-bearings across the workshop.


Engine in frame

Didn’t take long to be in a position to remove the engine.

Broken engine mount

Removing the engine mounting bolts revealed one problem, a broken mount, where it had snapped off where it connected to the frame. Some remedial welding required here, but apart from that the frame looks straight.

Front wheel

The front wheel rim is original, though the large dent may mean it won’t be for much longer. The forks are straight and once I work out how to get the forks out of the bottom yokes (the Weld from Hell is in the way) I can strip them down and think about re-chroming. The forks seem to work (though there is a hint of no oil) but as with the trials bike, setting them up to work correctly may be more of a challenge.

The rear shocks are original, work (to some extent) and really need beefing up for competitive action. They are serviceable and that’s another decision to make as new replacements may be a far better alternative.

Engine on the bench

The engine looks complete and even the (broken) front sprocket cover is there and in place. There is a top end rattle (but hey, its a Yamaha) so may not be too bad as it seemed to run without too any crunching noises or oodles of smoke. Its funny how all these engines have the autolube housing in place, though there are pre-mix

There is now an MX250 space on the shelf and the parts, bolts and other sundries now occupy the space (left my off-loaded SWM parts).

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