The second bike and the work continues

Picked this up from AP Motorcycles who bring in classic cars and bikes from the US. I’d bought some spares (I think an XS500 / TX500 engine) from them years ago and as the hunt for an airbox took me to Ellastone Offroad in Uttoexer, it then took me onto Richard in Ashbourne.

In the process of picking up the MX250, managed to take a look at a few bikes and the hordes of engines in the sheds there. Plenty of twinshock and evo motocross machinery, as well as XT500’s and parts. A short hunt for an MX360 engine wasn’t successful, though subsequent research indicated it might not be worthwhile as in investment.

MX250, the 2nd bike

The bikes not a stunner, but very original and though there’s some bits missing (llike the clutch side of the engine), there are also bits I needed, including the airbox and a decent front wheel rim. Also a 1974 yellow tank, though its got some large dings in it. This bikes in very original form, as the autolube and oil tank are still on the bike. That rolling it out of the van and onto the drive did catch the eye for looks and general set-up.


Time to strip this one down also and this should give me a good basis for me to start on actually putting it all back together.

This week also saw a trip to the AGM of the Llanthony Classic club at the Rising Sun in Pandy and the membership fee duly paid and an AMCA license form grasped. First meeting is 18th April, so 3 months to get the project done and up-and-ready to race.

Lots of good conversation, including some further chat on MX250’s and what to look for and what to work on. It seems that MX250’s share common engine parts with YZ250 C’s and D’s (though not the earlier exotic A’s or B’s).

This was confirmed later in the week whilst talking to Motolink Yamaha , who races Yamaha’s, currently a modified MX250. Hopefully some cables and airbox cover coming from there. Also managed to track down the tank decals on Speed and Sports shop and so thats now been ordered.

The rear shocks arrived from Norman Blakemore , for whom again there was further agreement on the quality of the product. Also arrived was the seat cover from Thailand (only 10 days from ordering) and the steering head bearings and fork seals from Pyramid Parts . The (thin) Clymer manual arrived also, but strangely from Amazon, though thats not where I ordered it from. Further investigation required as Amazon UK don’t list it….

Finally dropped the wheels down to Gerard Pettit in Bedwas for a rebuild and then went to talk to bikes and watch classic motocross Youtube with Graham. Watching a clip from Farleigh Castle 2009 does remind you that you rarely come a croppr riding trials, classic motocross if different…

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