Classic Off Road Show, Telford 13-14 Feb 2010

I’d missed last years show and its a better location than the agricultural sheds of Malvern. The auto-jumble outside in the carpark seemed a lot smaller than at Malvern, though there were a few people inside the halls, with the retail traders.

The auto-jumble stand

After a delayed departure from Herefordshire, still made good time to get to Telford and got into the autojumble area by 07h45 and found a good position to lay out the jumble.

I then took the Beta TR240 into the show hall to form part of the Italian section, which to be honest was pretty badly presented with David Brick’s Beta as well as a Supertrial and TR34. Ah well, I think Wrighty had hoped for more, but what was there was the very nice Beta 125 Trail bike that had been one of Classic Bike’s restorations of the year [[It didn’t win the overall event though ]]

Lots of people looking around the jumble from 08h00, even though the show didn’t start till 09h00. By 09h00 lots of people and also some snow, though we’d managed to brew up some tea by then to ward off the cold.

By 11h00 managed to sell a few Beta spares, an engine and also some SWM spares, so all good and the day was already worthwhile. Things got quiet there after so plenty of time to head indoors to the show proper.

In the Telford carpark lift

There were some good stands, plenty of vendors and some good bikes on show. Again, all seemed to well organised and it was also nice to see overseas exhibitors and visitors to the show.

Bit of fun later, as we were asked if we were interested in a Beta motocross bike (circa 70’s). A trip over to the nearby multi-storey car park and an interesting (ie rare) example was wheel from the back of a Transit. A quick fire up and some discussions saw the bike wheeled back to the autojumbe via the lifts in the carpark, with Alan as the new owner. More on the bike in another article, but it does run and pretty well too.

Took some time to find some number plate ovals for the Yamaha MX250 project as well as a Clymer manual (for 8 quid) . A late rumage in the jumble also found some used MX body armour which will allow some room for growth.

Good show from my point of view, but I did sell some stuff, talk to a few people and have a look round.

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