Unidentified Beta motocross bike

There are a number things wrong with the bke, but a number of things that are also right, including the fact that it runs, and runs really well.

Need to do some research, but its an early Beta twinshock and not pre-74 (too much suspension). Someone has done a Husqvarna yellow and blue paintjob on it (crazy Swedes ?)


The forks are in the wrong way round (left in RHS, right in LHS) and swingarm bushes and head bearings are worn. The electrics and lighting kit seem to be an interesting, enduro like mod, but it seems like a motocross bike. The shocks aren’t perfect but it runs. And run well it does. It has a mans four finger clutch which will need some personal training to manage. All the gears and the bike wheelies for Italy when getting stuck into the powerband. Theres no doubt its a bit of beast.

That is got a Bing carb, rather than a Del’Orto seems to suggest early rather than later and seeing Kevin’s motocross weapon, this has a different engine shape. More research on this, though google doesn’t provide any obvious matches.

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