Forking hell

Getting the forks off the bottom yoke was the first challenge. It seemed like someone has decided to weld a lamp bracket to the top of forks….weird. Out with the grinder, but the amount of weld meant some damage to the chrome and the tube was inevitable.


Getting the bottom yoke wasn’t straight-forward and had to use the pretend-dremmel to clean off the remaining parts of weld to get the yokes off. Apart from the weld damage, the rest of the fork chrome was in pretty good shape, but decided to strip the ‘spares’ bike and look at the forks.

Getting the fork seals out of the fork bottoms needed some care as the aluminium that houses them is pretty thin and cracks easily when using the extractor (look for the Beta tool, which is excellent)

Removing the fork seals

Managed to find the fork seals from Pyramid Parts, again via ebay .

Fork internals

Though they were pretty well non-usable and badly pitted decided to get them rechromed. Sent them off to the A M Philpot Hardchrome who do a really good service which includes delivery and collection. Took about two weeks for them to return and then ready for the fork rebuild.

Ready for assembly

Laid out the fork components from both sets of fork legs and then put together a matching set (ie kept the internals together from each fork). Reassembly fairly straightforward and the new oil seals when in ok (didn’t change the dust seals).


Filled the forks with 175mm of 10/30w oil in each leg (as per the Clymer manual) and will do some further tuning once the forks are back in the yokes and the bike put back together.

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