Yamaha MX250 Spares

List of Yamaha MX250 spares, I’ve not listed any prices, but please get in touch on 07720 079845 for more info.

|Mikuni Carb 30mm internal inlet diameter, used (gunky) but complete and will clean up.|IMG_0561.jpg|
|Seat Base, foam decayed and will need replacing, but base in good condition|IMG_0567.jpg|
|Wheels, front and rear, couple of broken spokes and a dent in the front rim that may knock out. Hubs not too work and useable|IMG_0568.jpg|
|Throttle body and cable, original in worn state|IMG_0570.jpg|
|Rear Shocks, original. Work and not too untidy|IMG_0571.jpg|
|Crankshaft Bearings and Seals, used but not worn, just replaced them anyway whilst doing little-end|IMG_0572.jpg|
|Throttle Body and Cable, also used | IMG_0573.jpg |
|Clutch Cable, used | IMG_0574.jpg|
|CDI unit, working| IMG_0575.jpg|
|Assorted fastners, for the original finish|IMG_0576.jpg|
|Rear brake plate, with arm and rear wheel spindle | IMG_0578.jpg|
|Front wheel spindle|IMG_0579.jpg|
|Front brake plate, no brake arm|IMG_0582.jpg|
|Front forks, complete. Some marking on tubes, where they sit between yokes where someone tried to weld on a bracket|IMG_0583.jpg|
|Plastics, faded due to Californian sun no doubt|IMG_0584.jpg|
|Yoke, top and bottom, with nuts but no bearings|IMG_0586.jpg|
|Autolube pump and tank, with hole in it|IMG_0588.jpg|
|Decompressor lever and cable|IMG_0589.jpg|
|Another set of rear shocks, more corrosion on springs of this set|IMG_0590.jpg|
|Exhaust, not including tail pipe, some surface corrosion but very useable|IMG_0592.jpg|
|Handlebars, period set in useable condition|IMG_0593.jpg|
|Frame and engine bottom end, without clutch side. Frame has correct 1974 numbers, whilst 60% of engine bottom end is there, needs stripping|IMG_0593.jpg|

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