Another day in the sun

I was planning to spend a couple of weeks camping in West Wales following the scramble, so had the kids along, which meant they could cook breakfast on the bbq and also take pictures. The Tredegar contingent was also complete, with Mark, Alan and Kevin. The CZ ailment from Teifiside the previous week was confirmed as knackered crank and damaged crankcase, reason unknown but requiring work. Therefore the Beta made the trip.

Walked the track (in the reverse direction), with Saffron jumping in the mud and Tamara playing back ‘I’m bored’ which she’d recorded into her phone. Teenagers know how to hit all the right buttons, but in the end I think the girls enjoyed themselves (sort of).

Slight delay hunting a marshal to make up the full compliment. Out for practice and after one lap, I decided to pull in to adjust the carb as it wasn’t running clean. I’d adjusted it at Teifiside the week before and decided to lean it back out, by dropping the needle one notch. Bit of queue to get back out, but no problems and the bike ran a lot better.

However, Kevin’s day came to a premature end during his first lap of practice. With the track reversed from our previous trip, the drop back down through the woods was trickey and a bit rutted. Kevin’s approach meant a significant off, which involved a red flag and a trip back round in the ambulance. A broken collar bone and some heavily bruised ribs meant a bit of pain. He managed to drive home (don’t ask how), to get the injuries confirmed in Neville Hall hospital that afternoon. Funnily enough, a lot of people were then taking it steady round that part of the track.

Kevin's and broken collar bone

Race 1 was the best race of the day in some ways (this is a recurring theme) though after a poor start and a few missed gears on the first lap, I didn’t manage to get past Pete Barnett on his Bultaco Pursang, which was a shame.

Race 2 saw an even worse start and a bit of the pace, not helped by the bike not running well towards the end of the race. I managed to over take the rider on a CZ I was battling with on the last lap. Inspection after the race by myself and Mark found the float needle in the bottom of the bowl. The mounting for the pin holding the float in place had simply disintegrated, this being the carb that had come with the engine I’d swapped in from the other MX250 I had acquired. After three attempts managed to secure the pin and float on top of the post with lockwire [[ Lockwire pliers and lockwire best tool in the paddock tool box. ]] and the bike was ready for race 3

The still wet track (after the lunchtime watering) was probably at its best in the third race, though my riding wasn’t. Still the bike finished and another good battle with the guy on the CZ, though didn’t manage to pass him. Some great racing though and I do like the Narberth track.

Alan had his complete KTM enduro project and gave it a run out during practice and the first race. He was quicker however on his XL350 and seemed to get a good start in each race. However, Mark still go ahead in each of the races and seemed to be more on the pace that the previous week at Teifiside, again probably due to track preference.


Given the hassle with the bike, decided not hang around for the Grand Slam, and headed back to the coast to take the girls snorkeling at St Brides (good way to cool off and clean up 🙂

Tamara (daughter #1) took quite a few pictures and some video and will look to post these at the some point in the near future.

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