Replacing the best bike I’ve owned

The 990 came up for sale in nearby Leominster and whilst I’d been one of the group of Adventure owners who never were going to give up on carbs, I’d been recently softened.

First day of ownership

I’d kept my 2004 Adventure for 40k miles, primarily because the performance and power delivery were excellent and its lifespan continued with few problems. At the last service over at AMS , I’d borrowed their demo 2010 Adventure and having thought the 2007-08 models gawd-awful, this was nice to handle and seem to run a lot better at low revs.

Offroad on day 1

So, decision made, whats the difference between an 04 carb and 09 fuel injection model.
– price, but not that much. I really think that if you want an 06->08 fuel injection model you won’t have to pay much more for a good, low mileage 04–05 carb model. Some research (for the insurance value of my 04 bike) revealed some really high residuals.
– smooth running; the injected model still isn’t as good as a sort carb bike; more lumpy especially as low revs, however over 4000rpm, all seems fine and the takeoff into the main powerband from 5.5k rpm is excellent
– carb icing; using the bike all year, this was the biggest problem with the carb bike and plenty of mods, adjustments could not get rid of the fueling problems when it was 4-8 C and damp.
– height; at 1.75m, I can now get both feet on the ground, something I didn’t manage on the 04 model.
– lockable locker between the tanks; never understood why this wasn’t the case from the outset in 2003

The bike comes with the SW Motech luggage, which was a big attraction after the locks and mounting on my Hepco & Becker were falling apart and basically self destructing. I like the finish on the white/black bike and will see how long it says nice.

More comments and observations as I put some miles on the bike.

Not too muddy yet


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